An attribute of the Holy Valley Tuwa in the Qur'an

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Has the story of Moses not reached you? [20/9]. Almighty Lord reminds us significant matters in the form of questions. This is seen in the story of the Cave People, and also in the story of Khidr. And especially in the story of Dhul-qarnayn (pbuh), God says in a verse ‘they will ask you.’ “Has the story of Moses not reached you?” So, apparently it’s an important subject. But it hadn’t reached him yet. So back then, it was an unknown information, a ‘gayb’ information, a ‘divine’ information.

When he saw a fire and said to his family, ‘Wait here. I can make out a fire. Maybe I will bring you a brand from it...’ Fire was a precious thing back then and it was a real problem to find it. People would take coal with them everywhere they went, and when they wanted to lit up a fire, they would stoke it. ‘...or will find guidance there.’ (20/10).

Then when he reached it, a voice called out, ‘Moses!." [20/ 11]

"I am your Lord.’ Almighty God, emphasizes, repeats His words. ‘Take off your sandals.” The whole area has electric charge, it seems. In other words, a divine charge. ‘Take off your sandals’, so that it would penetrate his body and the shoes wouldn't isolate it and also as a gesture of kindness. “You are in the holy valley of Tuwa." [20/ 12] So there is something special about Tuwa. God calls it the holly valley. It is still true. It seems that there is something special about that area, in the holy valley of Tuwa. Something is being hidden there, or there is something about it, in the holly valley of Tuwa.