By way of Kurdish nationalism PKK wants to form a barrier to prevent the Turkish Islamic Union

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ADNAN OKTAR: Kurdish nationalism is so widespread in the region. We also observed that the region is surrounded by Arab nationalism, they have gone mad. And the PKK is also holding onto Kurdish nationalism, but it is a hysterical kind of Kurdish nationalism. Everywhere will be Kurdish. Air, land, sea, streets, everywhere Kurdish… Are you mad? Laz are also very nice people. They speak in their own accent. It is a different color. For example, Albanians are very beautiful people. Why are you annoyed with them? Why are you uncomfortable, you rascal? They are very nice people. Turkmens are also very nice. Circassian people are also very nice. They are all different colors. Love and respect each one of them. For example, a Circassian governor is assigned in Samsun and all people there are very pleased. They are very pleased. The Gendarme commander was Kurdish and we were very proud. [Turkey’s 8th President] Ozal was also a Kurd and we took pride in that. He became the President. Ziya Gokalp, the protector of Turkism, was originally a Kurd. Ziya Gokalp. How nice! They want to divide us and establish a large barrier to prevent the Turkish Islamic Union in the Southeast region. We will not let this. They will forget it.

AYLİN KOCAMAN: Mr. Oktar, that kind of Kurdish nationalism also exists in Iraq. Arabs don’t want to go to the Kurdish side when they escape from Iraq because they are not so welcome there.

ADNAN OKTAR: This is a terrible thing. Kurds are such decent people. They are such beautiful people. Let’s have Kurdish managers everywhere. We’d be very proud. Let’s have a Kurdish Prime Minister and a Kurdish President. Let’s have Kurdish governors. They are very honest people. Racism doesn’t even cross my mind. They will abandon this immoral attitude. The Ottoman used to have Turkish racism around the Nihal Atsiz group; a genetic racism but this is not so anymore. Turkism of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) is our culture. Everyone who says, “I am Turkish” is Turkish. That’s it. Ataturk was telling the truth.