For the PKK to be over and done with, Mount Kandil should be evacuated and should be demolished into a plain field

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Bülent Sezgin: There are about 8,500 Turkish citizens fighting in the ranks of the YPG in Syria. That is more than the number of PKK militants in Turkey-Kandil. The PKK generally brought 15 or 16 year old youngsters to Syria with their propaganda saying, 'You are going to protect your sisters and your lands from ISIS'. These are all young kids who do not know anything about communism, organizational propaganda etc., and many of them die. The older, seasoned and trained militants in Mount Kandil do not go to the front line against the ISIS.

Adnan Oktar: Those curs are extremely cowardly. They confessed themselves that they do not know how to go into combat on a plain field," anyway. "We move from the mountains," they say and hide in the mountains, they sneak around among the bushes like the mountain badgers they are; I have shown their picture to you when they are walking around the area. Those frauds constantly move around as if it is the woods moving and if nothing works they wander around in disguise as women. These are scumbags, cowardly, inglorious, ignoble, crooked people. On top of this, talking about having them open a bureau in Turkey is really outrageous, I mean opening a door for those scum, for this contemptible terrorist lot would be morbid.  What is more (suggesting they open a bureau) in Ankara, that is unbelievable. That would legitimize the PKK. How could that be even discussed? There are some people who are attempting to do something in their own minds but they retreat when we do not let them. The PKK laid a rail system in the mountains and are firing howitzers and then they run back into their caves. They take out howitzers, fire them and then run back in. Therefore that mountain should completely be leveled. Those scum should be warned one month before the attack to evacuate the mountain and then the mountain should be flattened and completely razed.  That is the practical solution. If the badger doesn't come out, you destroy the hole that badger hides in and thus the matter is solved once and for all.

Bülent Sezgin: There is a picture showing how they walk about in the mountains.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, let me see. Look at him, anyone looking would have thought that it is just a clump of wild grass.