God appreciates martyrdom

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ADNAN OKTAR: What God likes most is when His servants get martyred. He sees the highest level of love in it. But the person should intent to do it, it will not happen accidentally. In other words, he will sincerely say “my God, I want martyrdom from you”. When time comes and he gets martyred, that is what God likes most; the highest level of love, because he has sacrificed his life for God. Isn’t one’s life the most valuable? “My God, you made me love my life and I love you more than my own life” he says, “My life is Yours, I am Yours.” That is what it means. For this reason, God keeps martyrs in a different location. In other words, He doesn’t kill them, they don’t know death. If they experience death, they would experience it in a very nice way but God doesn’t make them experience it. In the world of martyrs, their souls are taken afterwards. Their souls will be taken all together. If you could call it experiencing death at all, because they just cross over to paradise instantly from their perspective. That’s it.  That is taking soul actually.

Listen to this, Almighty God says - I seek refuge in God from the cursed satan: “More fitting for them would be obedience and honourable words. Once the matter is resolved upon, being true to God would be better for them” (Surah Muhammad, 21) to Whom? To God.  God wants to be loved very much. He wants to be loved so much so that one would sacrifice his life for Him. When God doesn’t see it, He finds it disturbing, let it not be misunderstood because it is a humanly thing. I mean, you displease Almighty God, let me tell it this way.

CEYLAN ÖZBUDAK: In another verse, I seek refuge in God from the cursed satan: “If it had been a case of easy gains and a short journey, they would have followed you, but the distance was too great for them. ” (At-Tawba, 42)

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaAllah.