Muslim states adopt Darwinism because of the respect they have for the faithless

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KARTAL GÖKTAN: I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan. "Do not let those who don’t believe in it and follow their whims and desires debar you from it or you will be destroyed." [20/16]

ADNAN OKTAR: Because those, who follow their whims and desires have an evil power to influence. Most people tend to respect those who follow their desires, instead of Muslims. Many of them respect unbelievers more, those who are not religious. They fear them somehow. Not all of them, but most people are like that. That’s why the unbelievers are more active, stronger. They support Darwinism, even though Darwinism is an atheist system, clearly denying God, they accept this non-sense because they respect the unbelievers. So subconsciously, without knowing it, they respect the disbelief system. Actually Darwinism insults their intelligence, but since they consciously respect the disbelief system, every government clearly supports Darwinism because they cannot notice this subconscious respect.


Why are the cities of the Islamic world ruined one by one?

                               From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on April 15th, 2015

How many cities We have destroyed which lived in insolent ingratitude! (28/54-58)

ADNAN OKTAR: You see this disaster in the Islamic world at the moment, you see that God’s promise came true. Yes.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: “There are their houses, never again inhabited after them, except a little.”

ADNAN OKTAR: For example the communists, the unbelievers got spoiled in Kobane.  And God destroyed that place. God saved the believers there, they migrated and were saved, but all the communists, the unbelievers were destroyed by God. And now, very shamelessly, some of those disbelievers claim that they saved Kobane. What saving are you talking about? It is completely destroyed. It’s a ghost town now. And you are now standing guard over a ghost town. He pretends not to understand the punishment sent by God. Yes.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: “It was We Who were their Heir.”

Your Lord would never destroy any cities without first sending to the chief of them a Messenger to recite Our Signs to them.

ADNAN OKTAR: Damascus, Bagdhah, everywhere. Yes. 

KARTAL GÖKTAN: “We would never destroy any cities unless their inhabitants were wrongdoers.” [28/ 59]

ADNAN OKTAR: God says that ‘if a city is being destroyed, I’m doing it becaue their people are bad’. Big cities of the Islamic world are being destroyed everywhere, you see. It’s a realization of this verse. Yes.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: “Anything you have been given is only the enjoyment of the life of this world and its finery. What is with Allah is better and longer lasting. So will you not use your intellect?” [28/60]

ADNAN OKTAR: They are determined not to use their intellect.