Our Prophet (pbuh) was a very handsome and dashing person. Those images drawn as caricatures are the images of the people who drew them

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BÜLENT SEZGİN: There was a contest and exhibit in Texas for the drawings, which are claimed to represent our Prophet (pbuh). Two Muslims claimed to be a member of ISIS organized an armed attack at the exhibition. One cop was injured and two people were killed on the scene.

ADNAN OKTAR: Why such disgracefulness? Announcing it as the caricature of our Prophet (pbuh). First of all, our Prophet was a very handsome and dashing person. He had wide shoulders, dark eyes and he was a very handsome person. What are you doing there? You drew a creature that looks like a monkey. It could be your picture in your subconscious. What’s that got to do with him? If there is a picture that looks like our Prophet we can take an interest in that. If it doesn’t resemble him then it is not his. I think people should not deal with them. Our Prophet was an exquisitely handsome man. He was a very very handsome person. These people drive them mad and they come after those like children. They should take no notice of them.

These men make mistakes. For example, if someone with imperfect legs says, “this person is so and so.” You can say, “This is you” and it will be over. You can say, “This is you.” If they say that the person who drew that actually drew himself, then problem will be solved.

AYLİN KOCAMAN: Actually Mr. Oktar when this happened for the first time, there was a riot in Libya. You reminded at that time. They killed the American ambassador [for that reason]. Now every time they use the same method to irritate but if they [Muslims] did what you said, such things would come to an end.

ADNAN OKTAR: No, that is not the solution. In the Qur’an, God commands to “walk away” if they engage in insult. “Walk away and don’t stay at the same place as they do.” God does not tell us to conflict with them.