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Technical clerics never mention about the depth inherent in religion, and they stopped talking about the signs of the End Times

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Adnan Oktar: Yesterday, those so-called ‘clerics’ appeared on TV. They are technical clerics of religion; technicians of religion, typical technicians. They draw maps. They are not interested in the soul of religion. They just care about the technical side of it. They don't understand the soul of religion at all. They are unaware of its existence. They never talk about love, compassion, mercy, profound faith, fear of God or love for God inherent in religion. They keep talking about formulas, maps, drawings. They say ‘I worked a lot, I prepared a thesis, I’m a professor, my articles were published in journals so you have to listen to me.’ You are only a technician, a technician of religion. You are a religion engineer; that is what you could be the most. You’ve become an engineer of religion, but you don't show any signs of knowing anything about being a real cleric, in other words having fear of God, having depth, having love, having deep belief. They have very very weak faiths; that’s why they are terrified. You saw how they panicked and almost lost control when you mentioned about the appearance of the comet with two ends [that is foretold in the hadith]. Because he probably knows that when people hear about it, they will understand the truth. One of them says that ‘that hadith must be a lie’. How can it be a lie when it found its way into the hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh)? First of all, the likelihood of the appearance of a comet with two ends is very little. It is very strange that there is a comet with two ends in the first place. And the Prophet also said that it would be brighter than the other comets and that it would travel in the opposite direction of other comets. So there are 3 amazing details here. How can it be a lie? Let’s just say that someone made this up, how could he have made it up when all these details came true 1400 years later? He gave exact timing of its appearance too. And he even told about the things that would happen preceding it. He said that there would be drought. And he also said that there would be rains, lots of rains, causing floods after this comet. These are eight, nine details all dependent on each other. How can this be a lie? How could someone make this up? Look how this religion engineer is squirming only because he wants to deny the hadith. Let’s just say he found a way to deny it. How are you going to deny the attack on Kabaa? It happened exactly the way Prophet said it would. What about the Keban Dam, the fact that Euphrates was stopped just like Prophet Mohammed foretold? He denies that Afghanistan was ever occupied.  He didn't even understand what you were talking about when you mentioned Talikan. He panicked so badly because he is a religion engineer. [Events described in] Hundreds of hadiths came true in a mere 37 years. How do you think you can deny it? You religion engineer? Until when are you going to struggle, you technician of religion? Yes he is a perfect technician, yes he is a true religion technician, yes a true religion engineer, he really mastered religion as an engineer, but he almost has nothing in terms of the soul, the depth of religion. They are in constant denial. We should write articles analyzing this situation and focus on this greatly insha’Allah.

He denies the hadiths of the Prophet. But in this hadith, there are seven, eight details that came true. They are not only physical truths, but there is also a second hadith which has another seven, eight details and they also came true.  Another one also has eight details that came true. Another one has twelve details that came true. In total, there are more than a hundred details like this. The religion engineers are panicking. They are shouting because they don't want the people to hear about it. For example, when you talk about the comet with two ends, they are throwing a tantrum.  They should let you speak, right? But they don't and they yell at the top of their lungs. The TV channels need to see this anomaly. There is something wrong here. They start shouting as soon as this topic comes up. If you’d spoken there like a religion engineer, they would have loved it. They would have let you speak, for half an hour, on condition that you’d sound like a religion technician. But when you talk about the essence of religion and in a way that people would gain faith as a result, in a way that people would experience boost of faith, they start screaming.  But one thing that Nur Doğan mentioned about, about how the world will be demolished, that could be right. It is possible that Almighty God will create the life in the hereafter using the soil on this earth. There is nothing wrong with that. He is not denying religion. He looks like he is, but not really, insha’Allah. God might be using the soil of the earth. There is a sign for that in the Quran as far as I can see, so what he says is reasonable. But from what I can tell, God will not make the world round, the world will be as flat as a tray. I don't know how it will happen, but it will, with God’s wisdom. It will be completely flat, elliptical shape and which means that the area available will be much bigger. The area will be much higher. But will the other celestial objects remain? That, I don't know, I cannot understand it much. But Almighty God placed the earth in a perfect spot. Of course, these are only excuses. Almighty God doesn't need soil or anything else. He could create immediately if He wishes. But people will understand it when Mahdi emerges. When you mentioned 2019, they got panicked. They said ‘okay, we’re here, waiting’. Let them wait, if God gives them life. God mentions about a day when the skies are changed into other skies, and the land is changed into another land. So, according to the verse, probably, God knows the best, but I guess that God will turn the earth into a flat land. It would be amazing, very fun, very beautiful, because if the other celestial objects stay, it would be amazing to wander around on it and watch the stars. It would be great fun. Of course God will decide. God could create something that you never expected. Because when we first came to this world, it was very unexpected, very different. Then we understood that the matter was not real. It was very strange, we were shocked but we found out about it only later.

Bülent Sezgin: Mr. Oktar, God says that in the Judgment Day, the earth will be completely destroyed and dispersed.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, God says that the mountains will melt into sand. This happens at strong earthquakes. It is a miracle that this is said in the Quran. The mountains do really scatter due to vibration, almost melt with vibration. Muhammed Nurdan says, referring to the hadiths, that if he made up something today, half of it would come true in the next ten years. Let him do it.  This hadith mentions about a comet, with two ends. If someone was intent on lying, Prophet Mohammed is beyond this, he would have just said, ‘a comet will come’. That would have been [easy to come true], but the hadith mentions about two ends. Technically it is impossible for a comet to have two ends. Also it is very bright, it is also not very likely. And the most unlikely, unexpected detail is that this comet travels to the opposite direction of all other comets. This was never seen before in history. When I talk about the signs of the Mahdi, his appearance and everything, they say you are describing yourself. Yes, I match the description. But am I supposed to stop talking about it just because I look like him? Am I supposed to say that ‘I look like him, if I talk about him, people will get suspicious, so I better not talk about it.’ Nonsense. I don't care about that. I might look like him. A lot of people might look like him. Yes, I do look like him. But this is not enough reason to be the Mahdi. The person that takes lead of the Islamic world will be the Mahdi. And it doesn't matter if you don't call him the Mahdi. Anyway, you cannot claim that he is the Mahdi for sure, you should say, probably. What does it matter if you accept him or not? He already leads the Islamic world right? That’s the proof that he is the Mahdi. Not because he matches the description in terms of physical appearance. These people are religion engineers, achieved engineers. Everything has an engineer, and these people are technical people. They don't understand the soul, the essence of religion.