The babyhood of Prophet Moses (as)

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We revealed to Moses’ mother, ‘Suckle him and then when you fear for him cast him into the sea. Do not fear or grieve; We will return him to you and make him one of the Messengers.’

The family of Pharaoh picked him up so that he might be an enemy and a source of grief to them. Certainly Pharaoh and Haman and their troops were in the wrong. (28/6-8)

ADNAN OKTAR: See, they thought that he had no one. Now, pay close attention to every word. Go on.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: “Certainly Pharaoh and Haman and their troops were in the wrong.”

“The wife of Pharaoh said, ‘A source of delight for me and for you; do not kill him. It may well be that he will be of use to us or perhaps we could adopt him as a son.’ (28/8-9)

ADNAN OKTAR: A source of delight. Yes

KARTAL GÖKTAN: “They were not aware.”

“Moses’ mother felt a great emptiness in her heart and she almost gave him away; only We fortified her heart so that she would be one of the believers.”

She said to his sister, ‘Go after him.’ And she kept an eye on him from afar and they were not aware.

And We had before forbidden foster-mothers for him, so she said: Shall I show you a household who will rear him for you and take care of him? (28/9-12)

ADNAN OKTAR: How did Allah made foster-mother forbidden for him? He was a tiny little baby, and he wouldn't suckle any of the wet-nurses they brought for him. He never suckled. He was very healthy, very cute. Although he was hungry, and he was a baby after all, and one would expect him to suckle, he would never do it, no matter what wet-nurse they brought in. God revealed to Prophet Moses (pbuh) as a baby, and for that reason, he wouldn't suckle even though he was a baby. Then they had to bring his own mother, and only then he would suckle. Of course they didn't know that she was his mother. Go on.

BÜLENT SEZGİN: When God reveals to his mother there ‘to leave him to the water in a basket’, she feels like it is her thought right?

ADNAN OKTAR: It is revealed to her heart, she feels like she thought of it. She thought that she was doing it of her own free will, but it was revelation. Yes.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: “That is how We returned him to his mother so that she might delight her eyes and feel no grief and so that she would know that Allah’s promise is true. But most of them do not know this.

And when he reached his full strength and maturity, We gave him judgement and knowledge. That is how We recompense good-doers.