The secret of the lost fish in the Qur'an

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ADNAN OKTAR:  Find the story of Prophet Moses (pbuh) [in the Qur’an]. We’ll talk about it.

[A viewers’ letter]: “Have a nice program, teacher. May God bless you.” Wa Alayna Alaikum-Salaam.  “Can you tell us about the fish that came into life during the journey of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and his aid as they were heading towards their meeting with Khidhr (pbuh)?” First of all, it is clearly not a real fish in the way we know it. It is only called a fish. It looks like a fish, but we understand that it is actually a person who got the appearance of a fish.

GÖKALP BARLAN: Could it be the same fish that swallowed Prophet Jonah (pbuh)?

ADNAN OKTAR: It is possible. Because both of them are acting consciously. For example, it appears to be a dead fish, for maybe 10-15 hours. Then suddenly it comes back to life and [as the verse reads] ‘found a path for itself, in a very odd way’. Then Prophet Moses says ‘this is what we were looking for’. That was the sign they were looking for. It was one of the forms that Khidr (pbuh) assumed.

Almighty Lord says “Has the story of Moses not reached you?” [20/9]


A man came running from the furthest part of the city, saying, ‘Moses, the Council are conspiring to kill you, so leave! I am someone who brings you good advice.’ (28/13-20)

ADNAN OKTAR: Listen,  God points to that man who came running. Khidr played a big part throughout the life of Prophet Moses (pbuh), but he didn't realize. Yes.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: Moses, the Council are conspiring to kill you, so leave!’

ADNAN OKTAR: [That running man] he is talking to the rulers, he was amongst them. He was in the government, in the deep state. He was an important member of the deep state. Carry on.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: “I am someone who brings you good advice." [Kasas Suresi, 20]

ADNAN OKTAR: See? The deep state orders that he should be killed, and [Khidr] was there at that moment, and he heard it. That’s how much he was involved with them. Go on.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: So he left there fearful and on his guard, saying, ‘My Lord, rescue me from the people of the wrongdoers!’